Concerts of Surpassing Refinement

Steve Bloom, percussionAs a percussionist, Steve Bloom is currently featured with a variety of projects, including, among others:

> DC’s own SAMA Percussion Ensemble, with Dr. Ali Analoui (tombak) and Naser Khorasani (daf). As the only non-Persian member, Bloom plays tombak, daf and damom in this group, which he co-directs with those named above. Among many honors, this group has played for the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York and at Festivals on a National level.

> The World Jam Club, founded by guitarist Peter Fields, showcases Peter’s award-winning compositions, and exquisite masterpieces of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music by such greats as Augustin Lara, Ernesto Lecuona, Ary Barroso and Antonio Carlos Jobim. The roster of world class musicians includes Fields on classical guitar, Dannice Crespo on violin and viola, Claude Arthur on bass, Ramon Gonzales on a range of stringed instruments from South America and the Caribbean, and “The Trio of One,” (percussionists Steve Bloom, Bruno Lucini, and Kevo.)

Steve Bloom, percussion> Sweet Saludos features incredible vocal harmonies and guitar arrangements atop a foundation of powerful percussion. With a repertory of popular and traditional South American, Central American, and Cuban songs, the trio has a large and loyal following. They play at Rumberos Restaurant on Friday nights and Rumba Cafe in Adam’s Morgan, DC’s Latin Quarter, on Saturday nights. A performance by the Sweet Saludos trio at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage is archived at:

> Fiesta Sefarad, a concert group directed by tenor and guitarist Ramon Tasat, that performs music from South America, Bulgaria, Cuba, Morocco, Spain and Turkey.

> The Roya Ensemble features a roster of talent including composer/director Roya Bahrami on santur and vocals, flamenco guitarist Ricardo Marlow, world percussionists Steve Bloom and Jon Seligman, and Jazz pianist Harry Appelman. The group has performed at the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Institution’s Freer and Sackler Galleries, the Library of Congress, the Arts Club of Washington, Mary Washington University, George Washington University, and the University of Maryland. Roya has also performed at similar venues in New York, West Virginia, Oregon, and Washington State. Click here for the latest demo clip on YouTube:

Steve Bloom, percussion> Pejvak Ensemble, a group directed by a Persian tar prodigy Behfar Bahadoran, which extends the traditions of original Persian classical instrumental music, as heard on the CD “Exordium.” Recorded excerpts from a live performance by this group were featured on a Sirius/XM edition of the Bob Edwards Show.

> concerts with Persian projects and instrumentalists, including the orchestra of composer Kazem Davoudian at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theatre; and also in a multi-city production of Beneath the Veil, produced by actor and theater impresario Mary Apick; and and also with phenomenal London-based storyteller Xanthe Gresham, accompanying extended excerpts from the Persian “Shahnameh” epic poem.

> the celebrated annual Celtic Christmas performances in Georgetown, with the Barnes Hampton Consort, under the auspices of the Dumbarton Concert Series.

> Taqsim is an ensemble formed primarily to accompany dancers working in Middle Eastern and Tribal genres, informed by Turkish, Arabic and Persian instrumentation and repertoire.

Steve Bloom, percussion> Pavilion 3 brings together dance traditions from central Europe and adds the immigrant experience with Afro-Cuban, Persian & Latin drumming. Stately Peruvian drumming joins with 18th century minuets from the courts of Europe. The Flemish Bear Dance swirls with the wild beat of the Persian daf frame drum. Irish reels, Galician muñeiras, sultry Parisian café waltzes and enchanting airs, old and new, are all part of the Pavilion 3 experience. Paul Oorts & Karen Ashbrook started playing as a duo in 2001, featuring Celtic, Belgian and French music, with the addition of Steve Bloom in 2006, Pavilion 3 was born. They have a recording entitled “Spring Will Come” from a live concert featuring their new sound. Hear Pavilion 3 in concert at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage from Oct 28, 2006:
(Note: the sound man was still balancing mics through the first few pieces.)

Besides his solo and/or group performances, Bloom has designed a catalog of workshops and clinics for all ages, some suitable for accomplished players and others recommended for beginners, to accelerate mastery of musical skills.